Laura Laurie

Empowering men and women to be healthy and transform their lives!

Achieve optimal health, weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, lean muscle, optimal nutrition & your very best YOU!

Vibrant Living with Laura:
Established to share Laura's knowledge and passion and assist others in creating their healthiest, most vibrant lives.

Meet Laura Laurie

Laura found her true passion in 2009 when she was introduced to a new way of thinking about health, fitness and whole body wellness.  After the health of her family was significantly and permanently improved under the direction of 2 holistic practitioners, Laura went on a mission to learn the true power of nutrition and the natural healing power of the body.  
Laura's passions are: Empowering others to be healthy, transform their lives and find financial freedom.

Achieve optimal health, weight loss, more lean muscle, increased energy, better sleep, financial health and your very best YOU!!!

  • Empowering others to be healthy, transform their lives and find financial freedom.

  • Achieve optimal health, weight loss, more lean muscle, increased energy, better sleep, financial health and your very best YOU!!!

Vibrant Living with Laura is all about sharing my knowledge and passion to assist others in taking ownership of their health and creating their most vibrant lives.

In this process, Laura recognized that there were many people struggling- not just with their health but also with their finances.  Knowing that financial stress and strain leads to poor health as well, Laura has been able to show 1,000’s the road to outstanding physical AND financial health.

Laura is passionately committed to helping you move past the barriers that hold you back from your very best life & partnering with you to create your healthiest most vibrant and financially free life.

Each one of us is here with a passion and a purpose, when you have your optimal health you can fulfill that passion and purpose more fully and completely.

Success Stories

Before I met Laura, I was doing CrossFit 3 times a week and prepping for my first half marathon.  I was looking for guidance and supplements that would help me get the most out of my runs and my workouts but did not want  artificial ingredients, stimulants and chemicals.  Laura met with me, listened attentively to my goals and mapped out a plan using the Amped performance line from Isagenix.  The results were dramatic.  My lifting and performance at the gym increased dramatically, and I cut 90 seconds per mile from my 10 mile run pace in just two weeks.  I went on to run five half marathons using these superfoods & supplements, improving from 10:00 per mile to 8:26 per mile.  I love the flexibility, convenience and effectiveness!  If you are an athlete or just looking to get the most from your workouts…. This is a game changer for you!
~ Chris M., Owner, Database Solutions

I struggled with building muscle and losing stubborn belly fat for many years until I met Laura.  I had been eating a clean diet for several years and put my time in at the gym.  I just wasn’t satisfied with the results I was getting.  Having a health and wellness coach is important to have no matter what your goals are. Utilizing Isagenix into my daily diet made the difference in adding the missing nutrients and vitamins that my body needed.  I dropped 16lbs and have added so much lean muscle I have to buy new shirts.  Thank you Laura for your knowledge, time and attention to assisting me in achieving these goals!
~ Rodney S., Owner of Ameritext

I was so burnt out!  Exhausted, frustrated, struggling, riddled with brain fog and praying for a solution.  I was desperate for a change and needing to feel better.  I was introduced to nutritional cleansing and it changed my life forever.  I am now refreshed, energized, healthier, happier, lighter lit up from the inside out.  I am 50 and feel better, look younger and can physically do more than I could at 45.  Just trust Laura, the process and put it in your body, you will never look back!
~ Jackie S., Mom, Entrepreneur, CEO of Chain Reaction

I met Laura at my Chiropractor’s office and was hoping she may be able to assist me in feeling better.  "I'll never drink a shake lady..." Those were my exact words  to Laura almost 3 years ago. I was tired, stressed and bloated. I just wanted to cleanse, that's it. Little did I know that it wasn't JUST a shake, or JUST a cleanse, or JUST something that would help my stress levels. Shortly after saying those words, I wanted to take them back. I slowly added more and more products and became addicted because I had NEVER felt more energy in my entire life than I did during that first week. My eyes were opened, I felt the weight of the world become lighter and my stomach didn't look preggo after dinner. To say this lifestyle "helped" me would be an understatement.  Three years later and I feel younger, more energized, healthier  and lean.  Thank you Laura for your patience, encouragement and wisdom.
~ Jennifer F., Stay At Home Momma, Momapreneur, Entrepreneur and Network Marketing Professional

I was a real skeptic!  I had tried lots of different programs, supplements and approaches over the years and as a former body builder,  I am intimately familiar with what lean muscle building is all about.  Laura said she loves skeptics so I decided to jump in and see what this was all about…… 100% money back guarantee so there was nothing for me to lose.  The results in just the 1st 30 days were astounding!   The lean muscle packed on, my energy was through the roof and the most incredible part?  So many of my aches and pains from prior injuries were gone.

Inflammation I carried around for years was released from my body.  I even look years younger.  I am a skeptic turned believer and appreciate Laura’s coaching and encouragement.
~ Tony F., Author, Speaker,
Founder of The Model Dad Revelution

I was tired of being sick and tired.  I was tired of feeling bloated, having no energy and dragging through life.  I was praying Laura was right, that she could help me re-create a healthy lifestyle but I needed it to be easy and convenient, I am not much of a cook and didn’t want to count, measure and weigh everything-to me that’s not a lifestyle I wanted.  She got me started, the steps were simple, everything was delicious, I ate more whole food than ever, felt satisfied and completely rebalanced my body.  Crossfit became my workout of choice and with the proper nutrients I reached all my goals and more.  I am so grateful I trusted Laura to guide me.  I am an IsaLifer!
~ Lauren D., Writer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Life enthusiast.

Solutions That Transform Lives

There are 3 foundational principles to creating optimal health and understanding the  underlying issues we face today.

We will struggle to get all of our required nutrition from our food today.   We must have a way to fill in the all of the missing pieces.

We are living in an incredibly toxic world and our bodies are inundated with toxins so it has become critical that we have a way to support our body’s detoxification process.

We are living with a more stressfull life today – 79% of Americans report “feeling stressed out” 24/7. This constant, high level of stress creates problems for our health:  metabolic shifts, anxiety, depression, fatigue, cardiovascular risks, difficulty with sleep,  brain fog, body weight/excess visceral fat.

Lets partner together on your specific goals, create a foundation for wellness and customize what will create a vibrant, healthier, happier YOU!

Our Tribe

We are a community of health-minded, entrepreneurial and passionate leaders determined to create lives of our own design.We are extraordinary individuals who have come together to build our very best lives and positively impact the world around us.Our dynamic and successful tribe consists of people of all ages, backgrounds and dreams  and we have a place here for you too!  Through the model of Network Marketing, we are not only creating vibrant healthy bodies but we are also creating vibrant healthy financial lives as well!

What you can expect: